Who Needs a Dealer License Today?

Who Needs a Dealer License Today?

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How does the new car market influence the used car market?
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Who Needs a Dealer License Today?

We have spoken a lot about the automotive trends, expectations, predictions and more of the crazy stuff happening in the auto industry. Today won´t be the exception.

Appealing reversal in the pre-owned car market

According to the analyst Adam Jonas, last August new car sales were not as expected. Who needs a dealer license in such conditions? Well, anyone that wants to join the used car business. Ah! Okay, but who wishes to be in the car business? Okay, annual sales expectations were all wrong, last year and the year before that to the eyes of Adam Jonas. That is a 17.5 million vs. 16.5 million. Using incentives and financing to pull demand, although nothing new has raised subprime auto loans and leasing terms. The problem is that longer financing terms will leave drivers with residual values that are longer than expected. This trend, according to Jonas would create an appealing reversal in the pre-owned car market.  Did it happen as it was expected? Read more…

A lot more than just selling cars

Remember that when U.S. sales fell to 10 million after the financial crisis, prices increased in the used-car market. This behavior means that there was high demand for new vehicles but not enough new cars to satisfy demand. But the thing was that it was impossible to satisfy demand because people couldn´t afford to buy a new vehicle. Fortunately, we could overcome these problems, and the automotive industry is back to normal. Now, what is most frightening is that all that has been happening in the auto industry brought residual values that undermine used car values. But there is nothing to worry about, bad times are part of the long road the auto industry is steadily driving. So, high profits are in the picture with trucks and SUVs that strive to sell.Plus,  used vehicle prices will go easy on car buyers on 2016. That, my friends, is good for business. The more people come to you, the better. Read more…

Don´t lose an excellent opportunity

As you could see the car business is full of surprises. If you want to be part of this exciting industry, don´t hesitate to get your car dealer license with the helping hand of American Dealer License. Your business is our business.We are here to help.

Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!



Article Name
Who Needs a Dealer License Today?
In this article read about how the new car industry always affects the used car market.

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