How to Get a Dealers License or Is It Como Obtener Una Licencia De Car Dealer?

How to Get a Dealers License or Is It Como Obtener Una Licencia De Car Dealer

Getting a Dealers License

How to get a dealers license? This question has to switch around; we understand there are things to do and many issues that arise in the way, but there is still one thing that many people have not considered. What about handing that information to non-speaking English customers?

Las Cosas Estan Cambiando Por Aqui

Have you ever thought about it? Probably not, and you are right not to think about that issue, after all, we are in an English speaking country, aren´t we? Yes, we are but things may be starting to change. Si señor! Las cosas estan cambiando por aqui!

We´ve seen how the market has been changing, including Hispanic customers as critical clients (which was not thought of a few years ago). One of the many brands that have seen this necessity of including more Spanish in our business is Paragon Honda and its sibling dealerships. Why did they finally realize the need to include the Spanish language as a part of their daily work? It all started in court. Sad but true, at the direction of the New York attorney general, the dealership had to provide translations of sales documents for none English speakers. It all came down to this settlement for one reason: When a negotiation is done in Spanish, the seller must provide documents translated in Spanish too. But Spanish was just the beginning of this whole deal, there are more than 22 languages spoken by the staff of the dealership. The final term was that no negotiations could be done in another language different from English if there were no documents in that language to begin with.

Someone in Favor

Brian Benstock, general manager of Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura, says: “Anything that assists our customers and aids them in making a decision-I´m in favor of it.”

I rest my case, all the things surrounding the big how to get a dealers license question are soon enough going to have a Spanish, Korean or another language touch. Believe it! Creelo!

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Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!


Article Name
How to Get a Dealers License or Is It Como Obtener Una Licencia De Car Dealer?
Dealerships must provide translations of sales documents to customers who negotiate their vehicle purchases in languages other than English.

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