He fights For Perfection; We Fight For A Wholesale License

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He fights For Perfection; We Fight For A Wholesale License

Famous celebrities and their luxurious friendship 

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, billed as The Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness. That fight was a great disappointment to many people and the least you could expect from five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather. And, it seems that Mayweather is giving more to talk about. Obi Okeke, exotic wholesale license holder was just blown in the head by the famous boxer, or was it the other way around?

Wholesale license and  extravagance

The American boxer, famous for beating the hell out of people and for flashing his extensive, yet exotic- car collection has bought 39 from Obi Okeke, the wholesale license holder.

The story begins with a 3 am call and ends with a delivered Bugatti Veyron at the boxer´s Las Vegas mansion, all in 12 hours! That sounds like one hell of a Marathon to run! Well, believe it or not, the dealer made it, and it was all possible thanks to his experience and, of course, his license that allowed him to achieve such a task. Okeke has sold 39 vehicles to the boxer superstar and he thinks it is not about to stop, among his former customers we can find celebrities like:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Simpson, Ellen Deneres, Chris Tucker and more.

Okeke, 53, born in Nigeria has been in the car biz for a long time and he is confident there will be a lot more of Mayweather in the future.

The dealer also says that there is no room for mediocrity when you are around the famous boxer and that he is always expecting the best of him, so when he received the 3 am call he was not surprised. Focusing on the client and providing the best experience ever is what gets his motors running.

There are many ways to get into the wholesale business, contact American Dealer License and we´ll advise you how to do it fast!

Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!


Article Name
He fights For Perfection; We Fight For A Wholesale License
The Battle for Greatness, a review of the fight and the special friendship between Floyd Mayweather and Obi Okeke.

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