Dealership License: When Demand Is High

Dealership License: When Demand Is High

Having a dealership license is something many people re-consider nowadays, but you   don´t have to give that much thought. Let´s take a look at some statistics and then you can prove me wrong.

Numbers Speak for Themselves 

Dealership License: When Demand Is High. In 2014, California led all states with 1.8 million new vehicle registrations, that was an 8% increase from the previous year. Texas won second place with 1.6 million with an 11% increase, followed by Florida with 1.2 million representing 11% increase too. This is not all, we can also see New York with 967,000 rising a 4.2% and so the list goes on and on.

Dealership License: When Demand Is High. Booming markets got automakers and dealers ready to open new dealerships especially in Texas and Florida. So, who doesn´t want a dealership license?

Everyone should consider having a dealership license 

Dealership License: When Demand Is High.The automotive industry is at its best, and there is no stopping it; the only issue that dealers see is there aren´t enough sales people even though there are many dealerships and chances to do business.

Dealers are saying things like: “We bought two dealerships in Florida two years ago, and we continue to look for more.” Said Dave Conant, CEO of Conant Auto Retail Group in Newport Beach, Calif. or “I would buy almost any kind of dealership to get a foothold in Texas or Florida.” And there are many reasons for this to happen:

  1. Texas and Florida are in second and third place in new-car registrations,
  2. Affordable metro real-estate prices,
  3. No state income tax,
  4. Dealer-friendly franchise laws;

This is pushing dealers to invest, but the problem about the lack of sellers remains. According to dealers, this issue may be short-lived soon enough especially in Florida and Texas where demand is so high and benefits are so immense.

For additional information and requirements to attain your own dealer license find the experts at American Dealer License 

Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!

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Dealership License: When Demand Is High
Overthinking your chance to have a dealership just will make you loose your time, statistics shows many reasons why you should have your own.

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