Auto Dealer License And A Non-stopping List Of Questions.

Auto Dealer LicenseAuto Dealer License And A Non-stopping List Of Questions.

Last week, I had an interesting talk with a friend. He knows I have been working in the automotive industry for quite a long time. As we were enjoying a cup of coffee, I was astonished when, out of the blue, he jumped out with this question: Enough with the chit-chat! What does it take to get an auto dealer license? I had this suspicious kind of look. He stares at me for about two seconds and continues with a non-stopping list of questions:

Do I qualify as a dealer? How long will it take until I get my auto dealer license? Is it difficult to apply? How did you… Stop! I told him. The first thing you need to do is breath and tell me: What the hell happened? Moreover, what caught your interest in the automotive field in the first place?

You can understand, I was overwhelmed with his sudden interest for an auto dealer license. I mean, I have been in the business for a long time and he never, not even once, showed any interest, at all, in what I do to make a living. So as he started explaining how he got the car bug. I could not help but laugh.

He stopped his thorough explanation -if I may add-. And said: What´s so funny? Nothing really, I replied as I explained that even with the rough times the economy is facing; the automotive industry is at jumbo speed to reach the highest sales record in its history. Moreover, I find it funny to think that many people are now dying to get an auto dealer license specially you. I said. He told me that, that was precisely what caught his attention. Did I mention he is an economist? He understands the way economy works better than I do, he even got me more convinced about the profitability of my job and how it is a great business opportunity. Even with all changes in the economy, technology, and others.

It only took a few minutes to start the process after I took him to the office, and the rest is history.

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