Auto Dealer License: A Flooded Car

ADL Auto Dealer License A Flooded Car

Auto Dealer License: A Flooded Car

When you have an auto dealer license, there are many questions you need to have the perfect answer for. One of those questions is what happens when a car gets flooded? I understand your concern, especially in this weather conditions, hurricanes and all. The most common question has to do with how much a flood damages a car and if that is a totaled car.

It depends, but it is pretty much that way. If water gets to one of the cylinders, (air or exhaust system), then you´ll see what we like to call a hydro-lock, and that means that everything connected to the cylinder will break. Take into account that hydro-lock will only occur if you start the engine with water in any of the systems I mentioned. The sad part is, that even if you push out that water, it´ll still do the damage. So, the engine will burn oil like crazy. Plus you can bet you´ll have to change the transmission too.

Do you really want to talk about interiors? Well, today we see too many manufacturers put computers, control buttons and stuff like that. So, you don´t have to be very clever to conclude what the end-result will be. Oh! And let me add that this can cost around $1,000 or even more if we add seatbelts, tensioners pyrotechnic devices among other items. Of course, we have to talk about the mold not only a hazard but impossible to fix too.

In a nutshell, interiors have to go and the engine too. So, we can say this is a totaled car, can´t we? So, my advice as an auto dealer license holder to you is:

Get your insurance money and find yourself a nice car, by preference one that is not wet. Ha! Ha! LOL

Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!

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