Auto Auction License And The Wholesale Market


Having an auto auction license makes you a privileged person. You get to go to dealer only auctions; you also get to buy at incredibly low prices.

To top it all, wholesale prices were climbing until March 2015. But, some analysts worried about how long this uprising sale trend would last.

Prices rose 5.5% in March on the auction market or so says Tom Kontos, executive vice president of industry analysis for ADESA.

Kontos expected  this trend to continue increasing all through spring. This is the opinion of one person dedicated, in full, to the automotive business analysis. But, one opinion or expectation is not enough to make a conclusion. 2015 analysis 

Take a look at the bigger picture 

To make you look at the bigger picture here, consider another point of view. We have Tom Webb, Manheim chief economist who seemed to be a little pessimistic about the whole thing.

Predictions are based on experiences people have with their businesses or their lives. Even when numbers are the last word of it, experience has its fair share, and it´s more likely that people follow their experiences. So, according to Manheim´s statistics sales rose only 0.6 in March. Now you can get an idea why Webb has a pessimistic point of view.

An auto dealer license is one piece of the automotive puzzle. So, don´t let others spoil the fun for you. See it yourself!  If we measure used vehicle prices today, we find that sales are steady, compared to other years in the wholesale market. Even if they show a little sale decline.

What do you have to say? Do you want to be part of the auction world? 

Now is the time to expand your business, and with sales being so steady that can´t be that difficult. Can it? If you want more information about auto dealer licenses contact American Dealer License. We´ll be more than happy to assist you.

Keep on driving! Keep on selling! Keep on living!

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Auto Auction License And The Wholesale Market
2015 auto Wholesale market analysis for used car prices

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